Family Preservation Program

Strengthening family units to thrive together

Family Preservation Program

Strengthening family units to thrive together

separated by poverty

Poverty drives many circumstances that cause vulnerable families to be separated and the child/children to be placed into institutional care. We believe that poverty should never separate a family. Institutions and orphanages cannot replace family. While some orphanages are well-staffed and resourced, studies now show that institutionalization usually has a negative impact on a child’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. In addition, it is assumed that institutions and orphanages exist to support orphans but the reality is globally approximately 80% of children in the orphanages have a living parent or family member. These children can potentially leave orphanage care and return home with the right support system in place.

breaking the cycle

We aim to break the cycle of generational poverty and support families so that they never depend on institutionalized care for their children due to poverty. Every family is unique and the process of reuniting and supporting families is very relational in order to create the best plan of action for each family. Once families are reunited, we help provide for physical, emotional, and spiritual needs various ways.

We seek to encourage family wholeness in the following ways:

  • We do monthly home visits with local families and/or phone calls to ensure ongoing support, family guidance, and assess needs.
  • We have assisted families with financial resources to create or sustain a family business to ensure the family has a reliable source of income.
  • We provide food, hygiene items, medication, and cleaning items as needed.
  • We aim to connect families with a local church, counseling services, and other community resources, as needed.
  • We provide resources so that a reunited child can continue to receive an education. This can be purchasing a required school uniform, supplies, or tuition expenses.
  • We open our transition home as needed for tutoring and to have the technology available to reunited children.

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