transformation through relationships

Working together to provide care to
children, youth, and families

Working together to provide care to children, youth, and families


Jason Nails, President
Jennifer Nails, Vice President

As we look back over our 23+ years of marriage, we can see clearly how God lead us on our life’s journey of loving the fatherless and the vulnerable. Our journey started taking shape when I (Jen) taught at a title one school in a low socio-economic area. We truly developed a deep love for my students and together, Jason and I were able to go on to mentor kids and families from the classroom and the community. Through these experiences and relationships, God placed a desire in our hearts to grow our family through adoption and to serve vulnerable children and families.

Each step and experience along the way has called for more faith, surrender and sacrifice; but God has been faithful through it all. We are blessed with 6 precious children (and a new daughter-in-law) and we cannot imagine life without one of them. Also, through years of leading mission trips to Ecuador, we developed strong relationships with several people with similar hearts and callings. Collectively, God put an incredible burden on us to do more for the kids that cannot be adopted but have to remain in institutions. Through obedience to that call Restore17 was born. With our family and R17 team, we have the privilege of loving and serving countless children and families and we get to point them to the One who makes all things new, the source of our hope in this broken world.

Our Team


Director of Program Development
Emily is a Seattle native who graduated from Western Washington University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish. After graduating she spent six months interning at a church in Ecuador. During this time, she was exposed to the reality vulnerable children face in the country. Upon returning home to the States, Emily worked in the US foster care system for three years. In 2016 she moved to Atlanta, Georgia and helped start Restore17 with Jennifer & Jason Nails. After two years of serving as a volunteer on the board, Emily saw the need to develop the programs within Restore17. In 2018 she moved to Ecuador and now serves as our Director of Program Development. Emily is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus and giving our families and youth a voice.


President Fundación Restore17
Alfredo was born in Cuba and came to know Jesus at 19-years-old at a baptist church. He and his wife Dayle have two children, Amelie and Adriano. Alfredo worked full-time in children’s ministry at his church in Cuba and studied at seminary school. He and his family decided to move to Ecuador where he taught graphic design in two universities. His family became involved in a local church serving in creative arts and children’s ministry. Through his passion for working with the vulnerable, Alfredo became connected with the founders of Restore17 and knew that God was calling him to be a part of this ministry. Alfredo feels that Restore17’s mission is a call to help the boys have a better future and grow the Kingdom of God.


House Parent, Casa Esperanza
Dayle is Alfredo’s wife. She was born in Cuba. She met Jesus in a Baptist church where she studied in seminary and graduated as a Kid’s Missionary. She used to be a part of a ministry called “Kids for Christ” were she evangelized acting as a clown and mime to teach the Bible to Kids. Dayle and Alfredo truly believe what the Bible says in Proverbs 22:6 “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Dayle currently teaches the kids ministry at their local church and is a mom for the boys in Casa Esperanza.


Family and Community Resource Coordinator
Melissa was born in Loja, Ecuador. She grew up with a religious background but came to know Jesus personally at 19-years-old when she was studying engineering and marketing at the University of Armed Forces. She graduated in 2019 and now works part-time with Restore17. Melissa is also a real estate agent. She enjoys astronomy and creation. Since the Lord saved Melissa, she has eagerly tried to understand Scripture and has taken several Bible courses at her church such as biblical counseling and biblical interpretation. Her deepest desire is to make Christ known so children, adults, and families may know the one and only true God.

Board Members

Scott Woodson

Scott is a native Atlantan and graduate of Auburn University, earning his degree in accounting in 1987. He has been employed by Lockheed Martin for the past 26 years helping to manage engineering development projects. Scott and his wife Carrie have two sons, Ben and Will. They are active members at North Metro Church in Marietta, Georgia where they serve on Sundays and in the local community. Scott enjoys cycling, photography, soccer and most of all spending time with his family. Scott was led to partner with Restore17 after seeing the passion and integrity that co-founders, Jason and Jennifer have for serving orphans and vulnerable children in Ecuador. Scott is dedicated to the faithful stewardship of all the resources that Restore17 receives.

Amy Weinmeister

Amy grew up in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, she was always very active in her church, and she knew that the single most important thing in this life would be to share Christ with those who didn’t know Him. After graduating from Grove City College in Grove City, PA, Amy met her future husband Phil. They moved away from the snowy Northeast to the sunny Atlanta suburbs to begin a family. The Weinmeisters took their first trip to Quito, Ecuador in June, 2011. There, in Quito, their hearts were ignited with a desire to follow the Lord’s leading to impact that community for Christ. The Lord continued to hone the purpose of the team’s trips, showing them, year-by-year, where the need was greatest. Amy is dedicated to the purpose of Restore17: to disciple the boys they serve as they grow in a relationship with Christ. She is excited to see how God works His plan to change the lives Restore17 encounters.

Phil Weinmeister

Born in Davenport, Iowa, Phil grew up in Illinois and Arizona before heading off to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for college. In Pittsburgh, he met his future wife, Amy. After they moved to Georgia, Phil came to know Christ and joined Amy in an ongoing pursuit of and relationship with Jesus. Phil and Amy felt a call to adopt and, in 2009, God brought Tariku and Sophie into the Weinmeister family. Max was born in 2012 and Lyla came along in 2015. After feeling drawn toward the mission field, Phil joined his local church on a short-term mission trip to Ecuador in 2011 and immediately wanted to be a part of what God was doing there. He and Amy have both been a part of a number of mission trips to Ecuador, which resulted in relationships with children in need, local Christians, and families like the Nails. While there will always be more work to do on the mission field in Ecuador, the Weinmeisters are extremely excited to be a part of the long-term mission that serves as Restore17’s primary purpose

Dave Meadows

​Dave lives in awe of God and His mercy and grace every day. Dave and his wife Sheila have been blessed to raise nine children (eight biological and one adopted), five married and so far they have been blessed with nine grandchildren. Dave earned a Bachelor of Theology from William Tyndale College majoring in Bible and Teaching and he has served in various church roles over the years including pastoring for over 15 years. He owns and operates Art Jewelers with four of his children and he is a third generation jewelry and Graduate Gemologist, G.I.A. and an award winning designer. For fun he enjoys drumming for the Christian band, Awaken the Hero. His first mission trip was to Ecuador to minister to orphans and he continues to minister to the needs there. Dave counts it an honor to serve on the board of Restore17.


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