Orphan Advocacy initiative

Empowering children living in local institutions through holistic care

Orphan advocacy initiative

Empowering children living in local institutions through holistic care

A lack of resources

Many orphanages lack resources and staff to provide holistically for the children in their care. Kids that live in these institutions are not provided with the same resources and opportunities as their counterparts in private facilities. At-risk children in these situations often struggle with the lack of love, support, and resources. Studies show that orphanage living usually has a negative impact on a child’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. They frequently become victims of human trafficking due to their vulnerability. Many also turn to criminal activities as a means of survival or gang involvement for a sense of belonging.

partnerships of care

Restore17 has been given the unique opportunity to partner with 2 government-run orphanages in Ecuador that are home to 50+ kids. We have established a mentoring/advocacy program in each orphanage to empower and equip the kids and provide them with the support they desperately need. We have found that a child’s vulnerability to trafficking and gang-related activity is greatly reduced by the consistent presence of a caring adult supporting and guiding them.

we provide holistic care to these children in the following areas:

  • Spiritual: We believe that each child’s deepest need is a relationship with Jesus. We provide Christ-centered Bible studies. Children receive their own personal Bible and study materials.
  • Physical: We believe we cannot serve spiritually without meeting physical needs as well. We provide hygiene items, nutritious meals, medication and healthcare as needed. We provide food, hygiene items, medication, and cleaning items as needed.
  • Emotional: We provide a loving mentor and advocate who fosters relationships and is always available for emotional support.
  • Educational: We empower the child in these homes through tutoring, homework assistance, and technical training.
  • Recreational: We provide fun outings, weekend vacations and a monthly birthday celebration for the kids in the orphanages. These moments allow the kids to simply have fun and be seen.

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